Advent Devotion - 12/20/16

One Step at a Time- Peacemakers in Our Midst

 “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”

Jesus Christ-

Matthew 5:9


This may be a short, sweet, and simple verse, but it is very important. Jesus was a big peacemaker in his days, which is really very impressive. He had to deal with the Pharisees, who were always bugging and testing him. If I were Jesus, I would probably get so angry with the Pharisees that I would start yelling so loudly that the whole earth could hear me. But Jesus didn’t. He remained calm. He was peaceful.


One time that I have seen peace in my midst through someone else was through my third grade teacher, Mrs. Nagy. My third grade class was one of the most loud and crazy classes ever, and trust me, my being in that class didn’t help the matter whatsoever. I was probably the loudest, most talkative person in that whole class of twenty seven third graders. I’m surprised I didn’t ever go to the principal's office (though I was often sitting at a table by myself). I would get up and talk to my friends that were sitting on the other side of the room (and they were sitting on the other side of the room for a reason). But Mrs. Nagy remained calm. She would always sweetly say, “Please sit down Jack.” or “ I love you to death Jack, but you have got to quit talking!”. She would only ever raise her voice by the littlest bit when she was trying to calm the whole entire class down (which was like herding cats.  When she told one group of kids to stop talking, another would start). Mrs. Nagy would remain calm and be peaceful, like Jesus.

 I think that the lesson that we can pull from this verse is that we need to look up to the peacemakers in our community and our world, people like Mrs. Nagy and Jesus, and strive to be more like them. For it is them that makes our world a better place every day, one step at a time.      

 How can you be a peacemaker like Jesus?

 Jack Hensley