Advent Devotion



I have always believed that God has put people in my life for a reason. People to support, encourage, maybe break my heart, but also teach me, and most of all love me.  My recent health struggles have pointed out the love in my life again and again.  The love from the HRBC family has been truly overwhelming. The prayers alone have been a blessing but there have also been notes, cards, visits, meals, grocery trips, laundry done, and when I’m too sick to drive myself home from dialysis 3 times a week, rides are provided.  God gave me a gift when my family joined this church 20 years ago.


God also provided me and my family with a gift several decades ago in my step dad, Alan. He has been one of the greatest examples of ultimate love in my life, especially now.  At an age younger than I am currently, he married my mom and was immediately thrust into taking his new, very sick, daughter to the hospital where I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  I was 8 years old.  Now in my 30s and very sick with End Stage Renal Disease, my step father is my only match for a kidney donation. Blood relatives that were tested were not a match but this wonderful man, who once told my (half) sister that I was his before she was, is giving me the gift of life.  And love! Love with no hesitation. I am so grateful to God for how He shows His love by the people He puts in our lives.


Rachel Greenwood